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Private Groups

Each library has holdings that it cherishes and considers its most valuable contents, and strives to highlight and preserve them. Therefore, private collections in libraries are the most prominent title when talking about precious and valuable books. From this point of view, the Deanship of Library Affairs at King Saud University has established the Special Collections Unit to include anecdotes and libraries. Commemorative and limited access, and atlases in the university’s libraries, for what they contain of rare printed books spanning more than 170 years, and private and endowment libraries of important corporate figures. Hence the idea of ​​establishing these halls to carry out the tasks of care and attention to these heritage treasures to organize, arrange, preserve, maintain, supervise and highlight them, and make them available to specialists in a way that does not affect their safety while preserving the scientific, literary and financial rights of the library and university.



Unit tasks:

Organizing private collections and making them available to researchers
Preparing forms and implementing procedures for the special groups unit.
Receipt of the gift memorial libraries
Receiving delegations and university guests in the Special Groups Unit
Perform other tasks assigned to the unit in connection with special groups.
Taking care of the holdings of the Special Collections unit through daily follow-up of the shelves, monitoring and re-reading them according to the classification numbers.


contact numbers:

unit head  
phone no  







Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:17am