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Public Relations and Media

It organizes and represents the university by participating in local, Arab and international book fairs. It also follows up the visits of official delegations and students to the university’s libraries, in addition to press coverage, preparing introductory publications, coordinating and preparing deanship parties and events, and supervising cultural programs.


Unit Sections:

Exhibitions Department: It supervises the establishment of introductory exhibitions and book fairs at the university. It also coordinates and organizes the university’s representation in exhibitions.
Public Relations: Supervising the coordination of visits and delegations.
Documentation and Publication: It supervises the publication of the Deanship’s news, press coverage, and the preparation of public information publications.
Cultural Awareness Section: It supervises cultural programs, lectures and seminars, in addition to supervising the Friends of the Library Program.

Unit tasks:

First: The visits/include the following works:

       Receiving letters of visits and obtaining approval for the visit, and then coordinating with the visiting authorities to determine the time and date of the visit and the number of visitors.
       Coordination with the administration of the Deanship in receiving official delegations.
       Inform the departments and sections of the Deanship about this visit, the number of visitors and their destination.
       Preparing the visit publications from brochures and introductory brochures to the library.
       Receiving the delegation on time and welcoming them and giving them a brief explanation about the library and its branches.
       Visit all departments and introduce him and his services.
       The delegation registered a word in the visitors' register.
Second: Concerts / include the following works:

       Determine the date and occasion of the party.
       Invitation to the party by letter circulated to the departments, sections and branches.
       Search in a number of large breaks close to the university or inside it.
       Determining the restaurant that prepares dinner by selecting a restaurant with a distinguished business owner, good service, etc., and contracting with him.
       Agreeing with Al-Qahwiyah and searching for the best, especially in the matter of loudspeakers.
       Completing all the party needs such as consumable supplies such as water, napkins, dates and others.
       Preparing honoring requirements such as certificates of thanks, their envelopes, and shields of idealists.
       Welcome the attendees and work on their comfort and dignity.
       Preparing a comprehensive speech ceremony.
       Preparing festive parties and all the private parties of the Deanship.

Third: Press news / includes the following works:

       Coordination with the library administration and the various departments and sections and branches to obtain all the news that are suitable as news in the university's message newspaper and the local newspaper.

       Drafted journalistic formulation.
       Obtaining approval to publish it from the authorized person.
       Send it to the university's newspaper and local newspapers and follow up on its publication.
       Follow up on what is written about the library and coordinate in responding to it.
Fourth: Introductory publications / includes the following works:

       The department coordinates with other departments to make special brochures for each department that include introducing it and its services and how to benefit from them.
       The department issues a unified introductory guide to the library and works on updating it.
       The department issues some brochures for some occasions such as the new automated system, exhibitions, seminars, and others.
       The department follows up on issuing a unified guide to the university's publications and working on updating it.
       The department follows up on issuing the Deanship's phone book and working on updating it.
Fifth: Marketing / includes the following businesses:

       Determine the activities that need marketing.
       Coordinating with the marketing committee and following up its work.
       Determining the means of marketing and the mechanism of benefiting from them.
       Follow-up of the marketing process and its impact on the library's activities.
Sixth: Advertising boards / includes the following works:

  •        Follow-up in terms of responsibility with regard to news and announcements.
  •        Care, maintenance, cleanliness and preservation.
  •        Challenge their advertisements and provide them with everything that matters to the library visitor, such as working hours and borrowing.

Seventh: Other works, including the following:

  •        Preparing and circulating letters of congratulations and condolences to the staff of the Deanship.
  •        Reply to letters of thanks that reach the Deanship.
  •        Preparing and following-up speeches for holding seminars and conferences.
  •        View all certificates and shields obtained by the Deanship within the space designated for them.
  •        Receiving the files related to the relations and following up on keeping the transactions in them and arranging them in the correct manner.

In addition to carrying out all the work assigned to it by His Excellency the Dean, the Undersecretary, or the Director of the Department, in addition to carrying out exhibition work when the supervising employee is not present.


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