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Beneficiary Services

The Users Services Unit is the first pillar in which every researcher is indispensable to provide answers to his questions and inquiries so that he can rely on himself to obtain what he needs from the materials available in the library.


Unit Sections:

Reference service department

 The Reference Services Department provides a number of services to all beneficiaries, including researchers, faculty members and students, as well as university employees and visitors, as follows:

Providing reference and guidance services directly or indirectly through the phone, mail or e-mail.
Facilitating the task of using the library by referring to the appropriate paper references and defining how to use it.
Assist researchers in identifying their needs for reference materials by searching the library's automated system.
Training the students of the Information Science Department and helping them integrate into the field work environment through their participation during the training of the staff and direct dealing with the beneficiaries.
Providing training courses for new students on how to use the library and the library's automated system.


loan department

The lending department is one of the most important departments at the level of the Deanship of Library Affairs, as it reflects the indicator of the effectiveness of the library with the beneficiaries and the extent of the success of the relationship between them. Through it, the beneficiaries are given the opportunity to use the library’s resources outside the library building according to certain controls that ensure the preservation of these resources and their return on time.

The loan department provides a set of services, which are:

Providing the service of lending books and various sources of information to university employees, including students, faculty members and employees, as well as researchers who are not affiliated with the university (according to the terms and conditions).
Renewing the loan period in case the beneficiary has not finished the book according to the terms and conditions.
Implementing the regulations and controls that ensure the preservation of these resources and their return on time.
Registering the data of new beneficiaries in the automated loan system.
Finalizing the procedures for releasing the party from the university in relation to the library.

The policy of the borrowing department also states that it is allowed to benefit from a number of books during specific periods according to the beneficiaries’ requests as follows:


number of books






faculty member




Graduate students




Bachelor students








Beneficiaries from outside the university





With regard to renewing the loan period, the beneficiary can renew it only once, in order to ensure the benefit of the largest segment of the beneficiaries, in one of the following ways:

Attending the library and renewing the loan.
Phone call to the borrowing department.
Log in to the beneficiary's account through the Deanship's website and renew the required books.
Contact the unified number: 0118061000
In an effort to facilitate the service of non-university employees, the Deanship of Library Affairs has set the conditions for obtaining loan membership, as follows:

Deposit an amount of 1000 riyals (refundable) in the account of the Deanship.
Bring an identification from the entity to which the applicant is affiliated.

Newspapers and Press Information Section

Daily newspapers are an important source of information, due to their primary role in tracking current issues and various occasions, and the activities that accompany them.

The unit provides a range of services to researchers, including:

The service of viewing new and old issues of local newspapers, including newspapers that have ceased publication.
The department provides an illustrated collection of local newspapers, paper and microfilms.
The section provides photocopies of press and microfilm clippings.
Subscription to Saudi daily and weekly newspapers, and Arab and foreign cultural magazines.
Providing a digital press information service (ZAD) to researchers, and responding to researchers' inquiries inside and outside the university.
Distribution of newspapers and cultural magazines to branch libraries.

Scientific photography department

 The Scientific Imaging Department provides a number of services to the beneficiaries:

Photographing printed materials from books, magazines and other information repositories.
Color and non-color photography.
Printing indexes, guides, pamphlets and reports of the departments and sections of the Deanship, packing them with plastic and binding them.
Making and wrapping thermal cards.

Conditions for obtaining a membership card in King Salman Central Library for beneficiaries outside the university:

Deposit the security value of 1000 riyals in the library account through Samba Bank (in case of transfer from another bank, the transfer voucher stamped by the bank must be brought).
The depositor must be the same person as the beneficiary of the library.
IBAN Number: SA37400000000002680175697

contact numbers: 

. 0114677292

unit head




reference service











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