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King Saud University established its libraries in order to contribute with achieving its three goals, education, scientific research and society service. Therefore, the university consists of three elements, the student, the professor and the library. The library is its heart beat with what it presents of several services and with what it provides of information sources for the student, faculty member and society.

            The deanship was established in the year (1394 AH – 1974 AD) and it had an academy entity representative in the university council after it used to be a management known as the management of libraries.

             The deanship oversees technically and administratively on all the libraries' affairs in the university in Riyadh city including central and branches in addition to technical and administrative sections and the support services. Moreover, it is responsible of organizing and participating in books exhibitions and distributing the university's prints. In addition, it represents the university at national, regional, Arab and international levels.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:17am