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Specialized Operations

The specialized operations unit (technical procedures) group development is considered a mainstay for any similar university library. It is the organizational basis for the library work and through it all the organizational operations of information vessels are carried out, starting with providing books and periodicals ... etc. and then carrying out the process of technical organization for them, including indexing and classification, and using the latest The special systems and the most widespread in the world in order to facilitate the process of retrieval from the audience of beneficiaries and library visitors with ease and ease.

supply department


Securing the needs of the Prince Salman Library and its branches in terms of books, references and various information containers
Librating with university faculties regarding their requests for books and references to secure them
Preparing purchase orders after carrying out the necessary technical operations
Receiving orders and revising invoices in preparation for disbursement
Loan Lost Pricing if a replacement is not available
Examine the library's collections of books and references and identify deficiencies


Periodicals Supply Section:


Securing the library's needs of specialized scientific periodicals in Arabic and English.
Follow up the collective participation of foreign periodicals in coordination with the relevant authorities at the university
Preparing subscription orders for Arab periodicals at the beginning of each Gregorian year
Receipt and registration of periodicals from suppliers
Checking and raising invoices to the university’s exchange authorities


material organization department


Receiving books from the Acquisition Department in preparation for indexing
Distribution of copies according to the needs of the university libraries and the specializations of its faculties
Full cataloging and classification of books according to the Dewey Decimal System
Transferring books through the system to branch libraries
Receiving and indexing university theses and transferring them to the Theses Department


Unit tasks:


Carrying out the supply (purchasing) of books, periodicals and other various information containers.
Coordination with the various units and faculties of the university regarding the proposals of faculty members, students and researchers from the various information repositories.
Carrying out the necessary technical operations in the process of supplying in a scientific manner from a study of the library's collections and identifying the various deficiencies.
Preparing the necessary plans and policies to provide various sources of information according to the needs of the university's units and faculties.
Carrying out the process of indexing and classifying books, periodicals and others according to modern classification plans and Anglo-American indexing rules
Follow up on preparing supply orders, negotiating with local and international publishers, and preparing lists of books in preparation for securing them.
Follow up on the payment of suppliers' dues to the exchange authorities at the university.
Coordination and follow-up with the Dean's administration in solving emergency and emerging technical problems.
Perform other tasks assigned to the department.
Its offices are the competent authorities of the university in relation to the budget of books, references and periodicals.
Providing support and advice to the various units and departments of the Deanship in the field of technical operations.


contact numbers:

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