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Development and Quality Unit


The Development and Quality Unit in the Deanship is concerned with spreading the culture of development and quality and its application, providing support and advice to the units, preparing reports and statistics, preparing plans and following up on their implementation, in addition to developing the necessary solutions to develop staff performance.


Unit tasks:

Supervising the preparation and implementation of the deanship's strategic plan.
Supervising the implementation of development projects in the Deanship.
Preparing annual reports and statistics for the Deanship.
Supervising the internal and external training of the Dean's employees.
Spreading the culture of development and quality among the employees of the Deanship
Providing support, advice and consultations to the various units of the Deanship and its management in the field of development, quality and its applications to improve the performance of the Deanship.
Implementation of workshops and lectures related to quality and others.
Coordination with the Deanship of Development at the university in preparing future plans related to development and quality.
Coordination with the Deanship of Quality at the university to develop the appropriate interim plan for the periodic review of quality standards.
Perform other tasks assigned to the unit in terms of development and quality

contact numbers:

contact numbers
 0114699617 Unit Supervisor 
 0114675034 Development and quality



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