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The Policy

First: General provisions

Article (1): The deanship of libraries presents both research and education services for its visitors.

Article (2): Visitors must adhere to the library's working hours. In addition, they must have their identity card while they are in the library.

Article (3): Visitors must use the library's available holdings with responsibility and maintain furniture and tools and give others the opportunity to benefit from it.

Article (4): The library's regulations maintain complete quietness and prohibit disturbing others whether with noises or motions and it also prohibits drinks and food.

Article (5): Respect need to be considered for the public such as wearing appropriate clothing for example, sleeping clothes and inappropriate clothes are prohibited.

Article (6): Internal reading and research can be in the halls allocated for this purpose.

Article (7): Only use the library for research and learning as in article (1) and prevent using it for sleeping or gathering.

Article (8): All individuals who use the library are subject to general university regulations, and the librarian must keep the rules within, plus presenting a report of the irregularities that happen. Anyone who violates the regulations gets exposed to the action of the library committee.

Article (9): Visitors must information sources on the tables and not return them to the shelves.

Article (10): Misuse of information sources such as, writing, putting signs, scratching, tearing, or adding other things or any other way of misuse, is prohibited

Lending Regulations in the deanship of libraries:

Second: Lending system

Article (11): All those who have the right to lend books from outside the university, must be informed on the library's regulations.

Article (12): The loaner has the right to renew the lending duration unless the books are required from another reader.

Article (13): The loaner is responsible of the books he\she loans.

Article (14): The loaner must return the book before the duration ends, if the library asks to, in a maximum period of five days from the date notified.

Article (15): All loaned books must be returned before two weeks of the end of the term or before the employee goes on vacation or before the contractor leaves.

Article (16): The librarian is allowed to lend outside books or information vessels which have special value, for a period not more than one day each time.

Article (17): Regarding to video tapes, CD and keys of study compartments, books that have a special value or those who have certain regulations on their use, the loaners must sign a demand. Moreover, they are on the loaner's responsibility until they are returned.

Article (18): People who are allowed to benefit from the lending system, number of books and the lending period:



Number of  books


One term


Faculty members

One month


Lecturers & repeaters

One month


Graduate students

One month


KSU staff

One month


Bachelor students

One month


Library members from outside KSU



Third: Lending Renewal:

Article (19): Book lending may be renewed by one of these ways except if the loaner was delayed in returning it.

      *Visiting the library.

      *Calling the lending section.

      * Sending an e-mail to the library, a librarian or by the library's    



Fourth: Materials for Lending:

Article (20) the following materials are not permitted to borrow:

1-    Referential source of information such as: Encyclopedias, Dictionaries,  maps, Atlases, Manuals, and similar items.

2-    Manuscripts, documents, and rarest.

3-    Non-paper materials (Audio, Optical, and microfilms).

4-    Divided books of more than three division.

5-    restricted books: such as governmental prints, journals, scientific series with continuing subject.

6-    Books of only one copy.

7-    Thesis and dissertations.


Fifth: Book's Reservation:

Article (21) the library  organize prior reservation of the books, for limited period of time, after completing a form specially designated form the purpose.  Only the following categories can reserve books: 

  • Syllabus teacher, who determine the name of the book required for student's use.
  • Librarian, if he think there is need for it.


Article (22) Lending restricted book is organized as follows:

Internal Lending for period not to exceed two hours, the librarian has the right to decrease the period according to:

1-    Excess in demand for the book/books

2-    Restricted books are not borrowed externally if there is only one copy available.

3-    Some copies of the restricted books can be borrowed before the end of the working day of the library by one hour, and should be returned in next day morning before eight o'clock a.m.


Sixth: Penalties and fines

Article (23) in the case of delaying returning the borrowed book, or the delay of returning any information vessel that is permissible to lend, the procedures is as follows:

  • The borrower shall be fined with one riyal for each day delay for nighty days.
  • The borrower is restricted to borrow new books before he returned the books not returned for more than one month.
  • If the delay period exceeded nighty days, the book is considered missing, and borrower shall be fined with the double of the book cost.
  • Library has the right to deprive the borrower who delayed returning the book if the library demand the return of the book within a period one month before the period to return the book elapsed, and in case this is repeated twice, it has the right to cancel the right to borrow for a period on one term.
  • Library has the right to deprive the borrower from Lending for a period of one term, if he repeated exceeding the maximum Lending returning time for three times.
  • If the Library demand returning of the borrowed book before the period of Lending elapsed, and the borrower is not responding, a fine of two riyals shall be calculated for each delaying day, starting after two days from the day the borrower is notified to return the book.

For more information ………


Seventh: Study compartments reservation service

Article (27) some compartments is designated for studying and research for students and for faculty, singly or in groups, these compartments are reserved as per the following procedures:

  • Reservation must be made in advance by completing the form prepared for such reservation.
  • The person who made the reservation shall bear the responsibility of safeguarding the contents of the room.
  • In case there is any damage resulting from misuse, the cost is charged against the person who reserved the room, and he risk missing his right to reserve the room again.
  • Librarian will open the room for the user, who must notify the librarian when he finished with the room.
Eighth:Terms for obtaining a membership card for King Salman Central Library for those who are outside the university:
1- Deposit the insurance value SR1000 in the library's account through Samba bank (if deposit is done by another bank, you must bring a policy stamped from the bank).
2- The depositor must be the same beneficiary from the library.
IBAN    SA3740000000002680175697
Account's name: Lending Insurance in the central library.
* Bring the definition of the beneficiary or a refrence copy of the work card.
* Bring a personal photo.
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