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General Books

Every library has holdings that it is proud of and considers its most valuable contents, and it strives to highlight and preserve them. Therefore, the Public Books Unit is the most prominent title when talking about books as a source of information. From this point of view, the Deanship of Library Affairs at King Saud University has established the Public Books Unit, which in turn provides its services to researchers. and library patrons by enabling them to use the various sources of information and specialized sciences from books that cover various fields of knowledge. The open shelves system is the system used to make books available to encourage patrons and beneficiaries to read, view and research directly in accordance with the necessary controls.


Unit tasks:

Receiving the "newly classified" information containers and inserting them on their shelves.
Receiving the retrieved books from the borrowing department, sorting them and returning them to their places on the shelves.
Collecting information containers after being used by the pioneers, and returning them to the shelves.
Sorting the damaged books and recording them in the system, and then sending them to the University Binding Department.
Taking care of the holdings of the General Books Unit through daily follow-up of the shelves, monitoring and re-reading them according to the classification numbers.
Maintaining order and calm in the public book halls.
Guiding and directing visitors to the public book halls for various information containers.
Carrying out other tasks assigned to the unit in relation to the general books unit.


contact numbers:


4675416 Unit Head
4676092 Telephone number E-mail






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