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School Of Medicine And King Khalid University Hospital Library


The library was established on 1389H.  It is located inside the building of the college of medicine at the University Medical City at Direia (الدرعية), and it is a specialized library in the field of medicine and medical sciences.  The library provides it services to the students of medical and sciences colleges in the university and the employees of the hospital.



Library Map

Ground Floor:  located the division of journals

First floor:  located the general book's room, the references, lending and directional services, the intelligent room and the terminals, reading room for women, and copy machines.  The total area of the library is approximately 1584 m2.


Library Services

There are around 80 computers designated for the searching on the internet and searching on the (unicorn system) which is specialized in searching books, and databases provided by the university, in addition to the digital library.  Also the users can use wireless communication to the computer from their personal computers.



Reading Room:  This room is furnished with tables and chairs, and the university provide a number of daily newspapers for the users.


Intelligent Room

This room is designed to provide the service of introducing the library and making short courses for the users in the use of different types of information vessels at the library.


Room for Women:  This room is designated for females, and furnished with all necessities, such as tables, chairs and computers.


Working Hours of the Library:

The library is open from Sunday to Thursday 8:00 A.M to 4.30 P.M. 


Contact info

div phone
Circulation and Guidance 4671353 - 4671330
Periodicals 4671352
Library Fax 4671857




to locate the library: CLICK HER

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