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Guidance and counseling


A service based on guiding the beneficiaries to the locations of information containers in the library, making use of them and their contents, and identifying their systems and regulations.

Bylaws and Regulations:
Article (1): The Deanship of Library Affairs provides services to pioneers in the fields of research and education.

Article (2): Pioneers must abide by the opening and closing times of the library, and keep the identification card while in the library.

Article (3): Pioneers must use the library's available holdings responsibly, preserve furniture and tools, and give others the opportunity to benefit from them.

Article (4): The identity of the library depends on maintaining complete calm, and it is prohibited to disturb others with sound or movement, as well as eating food and drinks inside it.

Article (5): It is necessary to observe etiquette and respect public taste by wearing appropriate clothes. It is forbidden to enter the library in pajamas or inappropriate clothes.

Article (6): Internal perusal and research will take place in the halls designated for this purpose within the library.

Article (7): The use of the library is limited to the purposes for which it is intended, as in Article (1), and it is prohibited to use it for sleeping or gathering except for research and learning.

Article (8): All individuals who use the library are subject to the university's general system, and the librarian must maintain order within it, and submit a report on violations. Anyone who violates the library system and its instructions exposes himself to what the library committee sees as procedures.

Article (9): Pioneers must leave information containers on the tables, and not return them to the shelves.

Article (10): It is prohibited to misuse information containers, such as commenting on them, marking them, scraping, tearing, adding other materials, writing down any new information, or otherwise.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:17am