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Study cabins

It is one of the services provided by the Deanship of Library Affairs represented by the Users Services Unit. To benefit from this service, contact the unit:


head of unit  0114677292
Unified number 0118061000


Some rooms are allocated for study and research for students and faculty members, one or a group, and are reserved through the borrowing department in the Beneficiary Services Unit according to the following mechanism:

1. Prior reservation is required by filling out the form prepared for this.

2. The person who booked the reservation is responsible for maintaining the contents of the room.

3. In case of any damages caused by misuse; The cost is charged to the person who booked the room, and he loses the right to book the room again.

4. The librarian opens the room for the beneficiary, who must inform the trustee when it is completed to hand it over to him.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:17am