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The Deanship of Library Affairs provides its services to researchers and library patrons by enabling them to use various information sources and specialized science references that cover all fields of knowledge.

     The open shelves system is the system used to make books available in all halls to encourage pioneers and beneficiaries to read, view and research directly (self-service) according to the necessary controls. The halls are divided according to the Dewey Decimal Classification as follows:



subject areas


General knowledge (manuscripts, press and newspapers, library science)


Philosophy (Branches of Psychology and Pseudoscience, Philosophical Investigations, General Psychology, Medieval and Ancient Philosophy)


Religions (Islamic religion, the Holy Quran and its sciences, Hadith and its sciences, religions and traditions)


Social sciences (politics, economics, law, public administration, education, public services, customs and traditions)


Language Sciences (Arabic, other languages)


Research sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, earth sciences, plant sciences, others)


Technology and applied sciences (natural sciences, engineering, agriculture, home economics, business administration and its methods, building construction)


Fine arts (landscapes, painting and decoration arts, photography)


Languages ​​Literatures (Arabic Literature, English Language Literatures, Other Languages ​​Literatures)


History, geography and translations (geography and travels, description of countries, ancient history, history of Europe, Asia, Africa, America)





















The materials of King Saud University libraries can be found in the following halls:

  1. Daily Newspapers and Press Information Hall: It contains daily newspapers in both modern and old issues, and provides an illustrated collection of local newspapers, paper and microfilms.
  2. Governmental Publications Hall: It contains books, guides, reports and statistics issued by a government agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as ministries, universities, and others.
  3. Hall of Arab and foreign references: a room for reading and photography only, as it contains all disciplines in education and history - translations - religion with its branches - geography, atlases and other references.
  4. University Theses Hall: It includes the intellectual output of master’s and doctoral theses for employees of King Saud University (deposit system). Theses are among the strongest sources of information and the closest to the spirit of scientific research.
  5. Multimedia and Rare Books Hall: It includes rare books, published in the first hundred years of the history of printing in any country in the world. By registering the private groups login form.
  6. Memorial Library Hall: These are gifts from academic cultural figures and others to the libraries of King Saud University, and they are not allowed to be loaned.
  7. The Hall of Arab and Foreign Periodicals: It contains periodicals printed in Arabic and foreign in various branches of human knowledge.
  8. Public Books Hall (Arabic): It houses a large collection of Arabic books available for external borrowing, with the exception of the library copy and the only copies that are not allowed to be borrowed.
  9. Public (Foreign) Book Hall: It houses a large collection of foreign books available for external borrowing, with the exception of the library copy and the only copies that are not allowed to be borrowed.



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