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loan And renewal



 The lending and return service of books and various sources of information is provided to university employees, including students, faculty members and employees, as well as researchers who are not affiliated with the university, and to provide a disclaimer for university employees.

Items not allowed to be borrowed:

Reference information sources such as: encyclopedias, dictionaries, dictionaries, maps, atlases, guides, and the like.

Manuscripts, documents and anecdotes.

- Non-paper materials (audio-visual, mini-film, CD).

Fragmented books of more than three parts.

- Reserved books: such as government publications, periodicals, and scientific series on a related subject.

Single copy books.

University theses.



Number of books allowed to be borrowed:

the number


number of books

loan period


faculty of school


90 days


Lecturers and Teaching Assistants


90 days


Graduate students


90 days


Library staff


90 days


Bachelor students


30 days


Affiliates to the library from outside the university


30 days


University employees


30 days




30 days

















In the event of a delay in returning the loaned book, or delaying the return of a repository of information allowed to be loaned, the following shall be applied:

The borrower shall pay a fine for each book (half a riyal) for each day he is late in delivering it for a period of ninety days.
The borrower is not allowed to borrow other books unless he returns the books he has overdue for more than a month.
If the delay period exceeds ninety days, the book is considered lost and the borrower will be fined double the cost of the book.
The library has the right to deprive the borrower of anyone who is late in returning the book to the library if the book is requested by the borrower within a month before the end of the date for returning the book. In the event of this being repeated twice, she has the right to cancel his borrowing for one semester.
The library has the right to deprive the borrower of borrowing for one semester if he repeats it and exceeds the maximum delay date three times.
If the library requests the return of the borrowed book before the expiry of the specified period and the borrower does not respond to the library’s request; A delay fine (half a riyal) is calculated for each day of delay, starting three days after the date on which the borrower was informed of the return of the book.

Conditions for obtaining a membership card in King Saud University libraries for beneficiaries outside the university:

• Deposit the security value of 1000 riyals in the library's account through Samba Bank (in case of transferring from another bank, the transfer voucher stamped by the bank must be brought).

• The depositor must be the same person beneficiary of the library IBAN No.: SA3740000000002680175697 Account Name: Central Library Loan Insurance.

• Bring identification from the beneficiary's reference or a copy of the business card.

• Bring a personal photo.


loan renewal:
    Beneficiaries can renew the loan provided that the borrower is not late in returning it, and it is by using one of the following methods:

Attendance of the borrower to the library by himself
Contact the unified number: (0118061000) Working hours:


Sunday - Thursday  8:00 AM - 2 PM
Friday and Saturday closed



     3.Online renewal by visiting the link:, then clicking on my account and selecting renew loan.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:17am