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The library was established on 1400, and located in the first building of King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital, in the fourth floor, with a total area of 265m2, with the capacity of 36 seats, and considered as specialized medical library in the field of ENT, and optics medicine.  The library provides its services to the hospital physicians and workers.


The library consists of the following:

Unit One:  Men Division (contain Arabic and foreign medical books and references, and also a reading hall for newspapers, and a hall for the search over the internet.


Unit Two:  Women Division (contain general and specialized medical journals) it has a reading hall, between these two units there is a reception counter (lending and direction service), a computer devices designated for searching and internet and Unicorn System.


Services provided for users:

The library is providing a number  8 computer enable the researcher through its system to browse all types of information vessels available in the university's libraries in different fields of knowledge and specialties, and make the internet and medical and others databases available for users which the university contribute membership annually.  Also so the copying for any articles, research, or subject included in the medical library contents, and the library is receiving a number of requests and inquiries from the other medical libraries either from inside the Kingdom hospitals or from the Gulf States according to the availability of the information in the library.

Paper continuous membership for more than (12) journals of ENT, and around (9) annual journals in optical sciences.  (17) General journal.  The rest of journals received either through gifting from different entities, or through membership of Faculty Members and consultants in the hospitals.

Working Hours of the Library:

The library is open from Sunday to Thursday 8:00 A.M to 3:30 P.M.