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Unit tasks

  • Receive new items of book, English and Arabic references electronically from the Division of Technical Procedures and place it on the shelves.
  • Receive returned books from users every day from Lending division, makes segregation, and arrange it on the trolleys, and return it back to the shelves again.
  • Collect the information vessels on the reading tables every day in the morning and evening periods, makes segregation and arrange it and return it to the shelves again.
  • Send damaged books to the division of  book casing at the university after recording , and receive the books coming from book casing division.
  • Maintain and repair books with slight damages which not needed to be send to the book casing division.
  • Governmental Publication Division perform the technical procedures such as supplying, indexing, classification, magnetization, foot printing, stamping, and also supplying subset libraries and giving directional services to the users.
  • Taking care of the rooms contents through daily follow up by shelves and noting utilization by users.
  • Reading shelves and this operation is performing at the end of each term.
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