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The deanship derives its mission from the university's message that is King Saud university libraries are a hub to provide advanced telemetric services by collecting, organizing and dissemination of information and enrich and improve access to sources of information and make it available to raise the efficiency and quality of the learning process, research and service employees of the university community and to meet their information needs and achieve their satisfaction as we seek to be a leading university library by providing outstanding service to the academic community in light of technological developments for the production of electronic information. Moreover, the deanship is trying to provide sources of information forms in order to support the community in general, research and academic community particularly.


In conclusion, The Deanship of Library Affairs, King Saud University is proud of what it has reached to in the field of information and communication technology and acquisition of the latest tools to provide better library services to the beneficiaries of both employees of the university or from outside in addition to the acquisition of several mm databases.


Dean of Library Affairs,