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Prof. Fathia bint Hussain Oqab


First Personal Biography:

-alasm Trio: Fethiye Hussein Ibrahim punishment.

-Saoudian nationality.

-alrtbh Academy: Associate Professor.

-alachtsas Year: ancient history.

 -alachtsas Exact: the old history of the Arabian Peninsula.

E-mail: -anoan

Associate Professor: King Saud University - College of Arts, Department of History

Second Qualifications:

1.canutourah in ancient history, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, the year 1421. Title :

"Relations between the Nabataeans and Jews in Palestine and the position of the Romanian state, including from the late second century BC to the first century AD."

2.majstar in ancient history, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, the year 1411.

Title :

   "Dimensions of the Roman presence in the Arabian Peninsula since the last decades of the first century BC to the end of the first century AD."

Scientific activity:


A member of the Archaeology and History Society in the Gulf Cooperation Council
In Saudi Historical Society member.
In Saudi Arabia effects Association member.
In the Arab Archaeologists Association member.
Member of the Union of Arab Historians.
- Member of the General Assembly cultural literary club in Jeddah.
Member of the Saudi Society to preserve the heritage.
In the UAE Heritage Society member.
Functional activity at King Saud University:


Deputy Dean of Library Affairs - King Saud University, 1435-1436 e
Under the Department of History of the second semester of the year 1435 AH
A member of several committees:


Member of the Committee of ancient history at the level of the department.
Planned unit and the final exam.
In the Human Resources Committee member.
Member of the Advisory Committee
In the Committee on the quality of graduate member.
 A member of the Quality Committee and Academic Accreditation
In the Student Rights Committee member.
Third, research and seminars, conferences and workshops:


Released her book "The relations between the Nabataeans and Jews in the balance of the Romanian state ..." the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities in 1434 AH
Under copyright book "Reflections of Arab women in ancient times in the light of the inscriptions"
Search "women's knowledge of writing in a semi-old Arabian Peninsula community" from the third century BC to the seventh century, a study in the light of the Arabic inscriptions, No. 20, Adumatu, July 2009 AD
  - "Property rights at Nabatiyeh women", a study in the light of the Nabataean inscriptions, Journal of the Faculty of Tourism and Antiquities, King Saud University, Riyadh 0.2009 M.aladd 1.


The role of women in the temple in the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century BC to the fourth century AD "magazine circuit, Year 37, No. 3.
Pilgrimage in religious thought at the Arab north and south of the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century BC to the fourth century AD - compared in the light of the study of inscriptions. A series of scientific deliberations of the Court of the annual meeting of the Society (1) Saudi Arabia through the ages, Riyadh 1431/2010 S181-228.
Bouh women in the ancient Arab civilization, through the study of inscriptions, Saudi Journal of archaeological studies, a series of court proceedings of the annual scientific meeting of the Assembly (2) 0.1432 0.2011 m e, pp 171-204
 Palm in the Arabian Peninsula in the Arab sources and the old classic - cultural study, in the book (the Arabian Peninsula, Greece and Byzantium, cultural interaction through the ancient and Middle Ages, Volume I, Riyadh 1433 AH / 2012, pp. 169-190.
- Lighting on the insurgency in Dmsa (Madain Saleh) 98-106m through the North Arabian inscriptions, accepted for publication in the Journal of History and Archaeology of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

- In addition to their participation in numerous conferences and seminars and scientific sessions inside and outside the Kingdom.