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References Service Unit

The Unit for References Service provides a number of services for all users, faculty, students, and also the University employees and visitors.  These services include the followings:

  • Provide reference and directional services directly or indirectly through the telephone, mail, fax, or electronic mail
  • Facilitate and ease the task of using the library by directing user to the suitable paper references and instruct him how to use it.
  • Help researcher's to identify their needs of references through the searching of the electronic system of the library.
  • Train the students of Information Department and help them to become part of the working environment through their participation during the training with the employees and direct contact with library users.
  • Give training course to the new students about using the library and the electronic system at the library.


Lending Division

Lending Division is one of the most important divisions at the level of the Deanship for Libraries that it reflects the library's efficacy indicator with users and the extent of the successful relation between them.  Through this division users are enabled to use the library resources outside the library building according to a set of rules that secure such resources and return it back in the specific time.

Lending division is providing a number of services such as:

  • Provide the service of lending book and different sources of information to the university students, faculty, employees, and also the researchers from outside the university (as per established controls and rules).
  • Renew the lending period in the event that the borrowers does not finished with the book as per the rules established.
  • Apply bylaws and controls necessary to safeguard the resources and return it back to the library in the agreed time.
  • Record the details of new users in the system
  • Complete the procedures of clearance certificate of the university with regard to the library.


The policy of Lending Division is also stipulating that it is permissible to make use of a number of books during specific periods according to the user's categories as per the following:




Number of books



Faculty member




Postgraduate students




Bachelor Degree Students


One month




One month


Users from outside the University


One month


Regarding the renewal of lending period user can renew one time only, to ensure that large number of users makes use of the same item.  Renewal can be done through one of the following methods:

  • Step into the library and renew the lending.
  • Call by telephone and renew the lending.
  • Enter to the account of the user via the Deanship Web Site and renew the required books.

The Deanship of libraries is keen to ease the services for people from outside the university, hence that the Lending Division set rules to obtain the membership of Lending as per the following:

  • Deposit SR 1000 (Refundable) into the account of the Deanship.
  • Bring identification letter from the sponsor of the membership requester.
  • One Photo.


Newspapers and Press Information Division

Newspapers are considered essential source of information for its role in following current issues and events and the accompanying activities

The Unit provides a number of services to the researchers such as:

  • The service of reading new and old versions of local newspapers, including newspapers stopped to be edited.
  •  The Division provide for a group of copied local newspapers and microfilms.
  • The division provides the copies of snippets of newspapers and microfilms.
  • Membership to daily and weekly Saudi newspapers, and Arabic and foreign cultural magazines.
  • Provide the service of Digital Press Information (ZAD) for researchers, and reply to their enquiries inside and outside the university.
  • Distribute newspapers and cultural magazines for the subsidiary libraries.


Scientific Copying Division

Scientific Copying Division is providing a number of services for the users as:

  • Make copies of the printing materials of books, magazines, and other information vessels.
  • Colored and normal photocopying.
  • Print and cover with plastic and bookcase Indexes, manuals, leaflets and reports of division and departments of the deanship.
  • Make thermal cards and covering.