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First:  The Visits, include the followings:

  • Receive letters for visits, obtain the approval, and then coordinate with visiting entities to determine date, time and number of visitors.
  • Coordinate with the Deanship management to welcome visiting  legations.
  • Inform departments and divisions of the visit , number of visitors and their entity.
  • Prepare prints of the visit of booklets, and brochures.
  • Welcome the mission in the prescribed date and time and give them briefing about the library and branches.
  • Visit for every division and makes identification.
  • Visitors is to record words to the Visitor's register.

Second:  Ceremonies, include the followings:

  • Determine the date and time of the ceremony and the event.
  • Invitation for the ceremony by a letter to be circulated to all divisions and branches.
  • Looking for big rest houses near the university or inside .
  • Determine the restaurants to be involved in preparing the lunch, it must be a restaurant of distinctive service , and make contract.
  • Makes the agreements with coffee serving people, and choose the best, especially with the regard to the subject of  microphones.
  • Complete all the ceremony requirements, such as waters, dates, and papers, etc.
  • Prepare the requirements for lionization, such as acknowledgment certificates, it covers, and momentarily armaments.
  • Welcoming visitors and work for their comfort and lionization.
  • Prepare a complete speaking event.
  • Prepare for the events of  Eids, and the special events for the Deanship.


Third:  News/ includes the following works:

  • Coordinate with library management and the different departments, divisions, and branches to obtain all types of news that is suitable to be a press news in the Rissalat Al Jama'a and other local newspaper.
  • Write the news in a professional way.
  • Obtain the approval to issue it from the authorized person.
  • Send it to the Rissalat Al jama'a and local newspapers and follow the circulation.
  • Follow what written about the Library and coordinate to make the reply.


Fourth: identification prints/ include the following  :

  • The division coordinate with other divisions to makes leaflets for each department includes identification of services and the way to use such services.
  • The division issued unified identification manual for the library and update it periodically.
  • The division issue s some leaflets about some events such as the new automatic system, exhibitions, and symposiums.
  • The division makes the follow ups to issue a unified manual for the universities printings and update it periodically.
  • The division makes the follow ups to issue telephone directory for the Deanship and update it accordingly.


Fifth: Marketing/ include the following  :

  • Determine activities that needs marketing.
  • Coordinate with the concerned committee for marketing and follow up its activities.
  • Determine the methods of marketing and how to utilize them.
  • Follow the process of marketing and returns of the activities of the Library.


Sixth: Bulletin Boards/ include the following  :

  • Follow the bulletin boards with regard to the responsibility about materials pasted thereof.
  • Take care of the bulletin boards such as maintenance, cleaning, and safeguarding.
  • Makes necessary updates to the bulletin board contents, and provide it with all that matter library's visitors, such as library's working hours, and Lending times and limitations.


Seventh: Other Works/ include the following items  :

  • Prepare and circulate the letters of greetings, and condolences for the employees of the Deanship .
  • Makes the replies to the acknowledgment's letters incoming to the Deanship.
  • Prepare the letters for making symposiums and conferences and makes follow up.
  • Show all certificates and armaments obtained by the Deanship in the place provided for it.
  • Receive files concerning relations and follow up the saving of transactions therein, and arrange it in the right order.

In addition to performing all assigned works from the Dean or the Deputy Dean, or the Division Manager, and perform the works of  the Exhibitions when the responsible person is not available.