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  • Performing the supply process (Purchasing) for books, journals, and other different types of information vessels.
  • Coordination with university units and college regarding suggestion by faculty, students and researchers from the different types of information vessels.
  • Performing the technical operations needed for the process of supplying in a scientific way, such as studying the library groups and determining the different type of shortages.
  • Preparing the necessary plans and policies to provide different information sources as per the need of the university and colleges' use.
  • Performing indexing and classification process for books, journals, and others, according to the plans of modern classification and the Anglo-American rules of indexing.
  • Follow up supply orders and negotiations with local suppliers and at international level, and prepare book's inventories for supplying.
  • Follow up supplier's dues at the points of payment in the university.
  • Follow up and coordination with the Deanship to solve arising emergencies and technical problems.
  • Perform other duties assigned to the division.
  • Writing to the concerned authorities in the university regarding  the budget for books, references, and journals.
  • Providing support and consultancy to the Deanship units and department regarding technical operations.

Supplying Unit

  1. Securing Prince Salman Library and it branches with books, references, and different type of information vessels.
  2. Writing to the colleges of the university regarding their needs of  books and references, and secure it.
  3. Prepare purchasing orders following necessary technical procedures.
  4. Receiving requests and screening invoices in preparation for payment.
  5. Price Lending items missing if substitutes are not possible.
  6. Study the library categories of books and references and determine shortages.


Journals Supplying Unit

  1. Securing Library needs of specialist journals in Arabic and English.
  2. Follow up group membership in foreign journals in coordination with the concerned departments in the University.
  3. Prepare purchasing orders for Arabic journals at the beginning of every Gregorian year.
  4. Receive journals from suppliers and make necessary recording.
  5. Revise and audit invoices and send it to payments authorities.


Organizing Materials Unit

  1. Receiving books from supplying unit for indexing.
  2. Distribute copies according to universities libraries needs and the specialization of the colleges.
  3. Perform the complete indexing and categorization for books as per DUWI Decimal System.
  4. Transfer books through the system to the subset libraries.
  5. Receive thesis and dissertations, index it, and transfer it the Dissertations and Thesis Unit.