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Unit tasks

  • Performing the supply process (Purchasing) for books, journals, and other different types of information vessels.
  • Coordination with university units and college regarding suggestion by faculty, students and researchers from the different types of information vessels.
  • Performing the technical operations needed for the process of supplying in a scientific way, such as studying the library groups and determining the different type of shortages.
  • Preparing the necessary plans and policies to provide different information sources as per the need of the university and colleges' use.
  • Performing indexing and classification process for books, journals, and others, according to the plans of modern classification and the Anglo-American rules of indexing.
  • Follow up supply orders and negotiations with local suppliers and at international level, and prepare book's inventories for supplying.
  • Follow up supplier's dues at the points of payment in the university.
  • Follow up and coordination with the Deanship to solve arising emergencies and technical problems.
  • Perform other duties assigned to the division.
  • Writing to the concerned authorities in the university regarding  the budget for books, references, and journals.
  • Providing support and consultancy to the Deanship units and department regarding technical operations.
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